What are the Ideal Actors Headshots for you?

As a professional headshot photographer in London, I’m frequently asked for my advice on what are the ideal actors headshots according to me? This may be a sensitive subject as frequently actors see themselves in a specific way.

A timeless one is viewing themselves as younger than they actually look, specifically women around the late 20s and early 30s still believing that they can play much younger roles.

I mentioned briefly in an earlier post that the photographers may prove to be highly beneficial in the final outcome of the headshot photography London for actors. After the endeavor of selecting the appropriate photographer, preparing and selecting what to wear at the shoot, getting your makeup and hair to look right of that’s what you select. Be sure that you’ve thought about and done some research on the headshot type that will work best for you and your brand- not just what you’d like to look like. Once this process is done it’s time to think about how you can ensure that you’re selecting the appropriate shot for you.

Keep in mind that it’s important that you pick the appropriate headshot

As I mentioned earlier, a London headshot should show that the actors are versatile in order to open themselves up for as many roles possible. This implies that your headshot should be open, friendly and above all it should look like you. Keep in mind that we want the casting directors to see that you can become the character instead of viewing you in a single very narrow role. That is obviously unless you have a specific ‘look’ that you’re only ever likely to be cast for.

If the perfect role you dream for is musical theatre, then frequently great smiling actors headshots reflecting life and personality is the one for you. Then again, if you are more of a ‘serious’ type looking for classical roles, then something with a more serious look, showing layers of emotional depth in the eyes would likely be more suitable for you.

In the past, the only choice to have headshot photography London or send out the 10×8’s you have to select, that would cover all the possible roles. Nonetheless, with the emergence of the digital era and various casting websites, you can now utilize a wide range of headshots showing your versatility.

Making this the most vital choice is vital to your exposure and who makes that choice eventually should be you, as you should be happy and confident with the headshot you put out. Those being said, get a second opinion if you can. Ask your photographer what he thinks as in many cases they’ll have years and years of experience with what works and what doesn’t. The other best thing about asking your headshot photographer is that they’ll give you a straight and unbiased opinion.

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