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Three fantastic advantages of buying wholesale beads

Making handmade jewellery items has become a very popular hobby especially over the past several years as more people have become interested in arts and crafts than ever before. Creating handmade jewellery is an ideal way to do something a little different as a gift for a friend and relative to show them that you […]

Make an elegant ring with Swarovski crystal beads

If you regularly create your own handmade jewellery pieces then you might well want to consider incorporating Swarovski crystal beads into your creations. These small iridescent beads are sure to bring elegance to any handmade jewellery piece that you decide to make. There are many projects for you to try that involve the use of […]

Creating a fabulous bracelet with glass beads

Glass beads are brilliant tiny pieces of artwork that are available in all different sizes and shapes as well as colours and hues so that you can create a wealth of designs in handmade jewellery. Glass beads have been used in jewellery making for hundreds of years and still to this day they are commonly […]

Cleaning beads and crystals

Handmade jewellery that is made out of precious beads and crystals has a very elegant touch and is something that should be worn on special occasions. In order to make these sometimes delicate beads and crystals shine at the best of their ability you will need to take the time to clean them up so […]

Help Your Valuable MLM Downline

Viewed from the perspective of an MLM upline, their important downline is again and again valued like being something that only must be present and be around, in order to keep cash flowing in your account. Although It is not quite accurate. Some people disregard their existing MLM downline but just promote the downline size, […]