How to get netflix free on xbox/pc/ps3

Netflix For Free


You can get netflix for free if you know someone that is already getting netflix. Every few weeks netflix has a program that allows current members to give away free memberships.


The program works like this: A current netflix member gets an e-mail sent to them describing how they can send, I believe it is up to three family or friends, a free 1 month trial membership. The current member has to forward the e-mail to netflix with their family or freind information. I believe the e-mail address is required and then they get invited to netflix for free.

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So it is possible to get netflix for free for one month. I believe that blockbuster also does the same type of thing as well. So you can actually get a few months of dvd in the mail for free

Before getting free Netflix trial coupon, read our detailed review of … and I sometimes wonder what I’d do without it for my entertainment fix. netflix for free… You will need a credit card and a U.S. mailing address to start the 1-year free trial.

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Netflix For Free

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