Holiday Ideas and Practices- Thanksgiving and Halloween

The holiday season is on us! If you have any doubts about this, just look at any store window you pass by. Ghosts, Witches, candy corn and black cats are at every possible corner.

Halloween has arrived and it’s conventional. Its colors have always been orange and black. And white is generally in the blend to add a ghostly element. In contemporary times, purple is also added, along with metallic copper, to give your Halloween a more high-end and modern look.

If there is one “practice”, it is all “vintage” things. Creation of vintage Halloween post cards, and creation of jack o’ lantern products, ghosts and witches from the 30’s and 40’s assist baby boomers return to the holidays of their childhood. Thus, we can also celebrate the holidays of our parents, and also our grandparents. Well, Halloween has become a family social event, and Halloween decoration with Halloween ribbon is a vital part of it.

To make your Halloween more exciting, try different lengths of orange, black and purple ribbons to the stems of the apples. These make incredible party decorations.

You can use the same idea and hang various lengths and widths of white satin ribbon from doorway openings, and in front of the windows, to create a “floating ghost” theme. If you make some long ribbon streamers to touch the top of your head, it will also improve the “ghostly” feeling.

Make an incredible Halloween party centerpiece, by blending multi-loop ribbon bows in black and copper, and put tall black tapered candles in the center, or even black and orange pillar candles. Then sprinkle some candy corn around everything. Your guests can pick and munch on these. Just be sure that you put a large platter under the entire centerpiece, so you can move it conveniently.

It’s pretty simple to move from Halloween forward into the Harvest season, and then Thanksgiving. If you have made faces on the pumpkin, simply turn them around, so that the carved side faces out, and add Indian corn, turkey feathers, gourds and berries, like bittersweet to make a lush, “harvest” look.

This concept works incredibly well as an outdoor decor, specifically when accompanied by many other things. There are various incredible ones to be found in the farmer markets, and gift stores, and might be even in your local supermarket. Obviously, all this is made even more striking and enticing by adding complementary Thanksgiving ribbon and bows in orange, chocolate, rust, moss green, yellow and antique gold. Purple is still a great accent color with these warm tones and you can get mum plants in lovely shades of the purple and lavender to go along with this. The most vital thing is to have fun. It’s not a serious thing. Be sure the kids and also moms, grandmas, dads, and grandpas participate for a true family endeavor!

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