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Reactive steel targets have been around for quite some time, but it has just been past few years that the market has truly taken off. Rather than just a novelty training tool used only by law enforcement just, steel targets are now a staple of weekend camping excursions, competitive shooting incidents, and weapon night clubs over the countrywide country. With that growth has come a slew of brands also, designs, and claims in what makes a steel target good or bad . . .

TO make Sense of AR500 steel targets, we talked about some misconceptions about steel targets and also the science that switches into the design and manufacturing. In this edition, we will show just what happens when a bullet hits a steel target and how the target design influences the producing splatter pattern for good or for bad.

What’s in the Pattern?
When making steel gong targets, there are many things to consider than just which kind of steel it’s manufactured from. The hardness of the steel can be an important starting place, of course, (check out part 1 to find out more on that) but an unhealthy design can change even the best quality armour material into extremely dangerous shooting equipment.
The key to a safe steel target is creating a consistent and regular splatter pattern. This means that the target must be made of armour steel hard enough to totally shatter a bullet after impact without deforming (we make our targets out of AR500 armour steel for handguns and AR550 armour steel for rifles). In addition, it means that the target face must be toned and clean and that the angle must be downward to immediate fragments from the shooter.

To illustrate these true things, we conducted lots of lab tests with various ammunition types and material target designs before a high quickness camera. This ensure that when a bullet shatters on a hard flat surface, the fragments multiply in a radial structure within 20 levels of the prospective face. The downward perspective of the prospective (15 degrees in cases like this) supports dissipating a few of the bullet’s energy by dispersing the impact out on the wider area and also directs a lot of the splatter down toward your toes of the mark.

Despite having the increased speed, the last final results are a similar. The bullet shatters and spreads in a radial routine completely. Paint chips are seen floating off leading and back of the prospective by the end of the clip.

After shooting using one of these targets for some time, you would visit a perfect collection in the mud at your feet of the prospective from the splatter predictably and constantly coming off the mark face at the same angle. This is what makes these steel targets the very best in the market.

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