Are You Married To A Narcissist? Find it Yourself

Quite well-versed with the word Narcissist or not? Since it has become a cliche reference for anyone who is selfish and vain nowadays, but it is much more serious in the backside, especially for the persons who are directly or indirectly related to them. People have had disastrous relationships with their partners, but narcissistic behavior can really affect a person (victim) and give them a trauma of a lifetime.

It is a personality disorder, which could be devastating for you when you witness the same traits in your partner. If you’re doubtful that whether you married to a narcissist or not, the following checklist can help you decide:

1. Does he puts the blame to everyone for any problem except himself?
2. Does he puts anything except his fault as an excuse for his bad behavior?
3. Does he have the self-righteous attitude?
4. Is he always on a denial mode?
5. Does he refrain from accepting what he feels?
6. Is he the one who carries a grudge against you all the time?
7. Is he being dictative all the time?
8. Does he ignore your feelings or expressions?
9. Is he lying continuously to you?
10. Does he manipulate you to get his personal things done?
11. Are your children comfortable with him?
12. Is your partner power-greedy?
13. Is he showing any strange behavior?
14. Is he very self-centered person?
15. Does he empathize when you feel sad, low or crying?

Emotional outbreaks could happen if you’re going through a tough period with your partner. Not letting yourself reveal or keeping it burning within yourself can damage you more than anyone else. Women, especially who is dealing with gaslighting can undergo deep anxiety, stress and fear of losing their partners. Such traumatizing experiences give away any feeling of happiness and infuses negative thoughts in a person’s mind. However, for every problem, there’s a solution and you should know that before a catastrophic situation strikes you.

How can you prevent yourself from these situations

Timely help, a bit of patience and expert advice can help you get along with the life. Technically, there are several forums where women cry their heart out about the narcissistic husband and the emotionally abusive relationship they are going through. But, only conveying the feelings isn’t sufficient enough in some cases. If you just keep on replaying those horrifying moments again and again in your mind, you will become a subject of depression and trauma.

You can join in the trauma recovery centers where they provide coaches for counseling and relationship advice. Typically, some of these centers were trying conventional therapeutic approaches, but it never had any prominent effect. Modern coaches apply pragmatic models of healing from trauma. They give you the right tools to survive and remove that pinching pain in mind. It brings a clarity on who you are and how can lead the life all by yourself. It enhances your confidence and gives a sense of optimism.

About the Author:-

Lee Lister has written numerous articles about infidelity and sexual abandonment. She writes that women  would have their worst experiences once they realize their husband’s personality disorder. Adding to that, she thinks that both the narcissistic husband and gaslighting can bring extreme trauma to women if they don’t seek the right place for recovery or coaching. She recommends Betrayal Trauma Recovery Centers for appropriate coaching.

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