Maintaining your castor wheels

Castors are made to withstand continuous depreciation, especially the ones created by expert manufacturers. European companies such as Coldene Castors, Tellure Rota, Flexello, Revvo, Tente, Wicke, Blickle and Brauer will be the market leaders in castors production.

Every single wheel and castor undertakes post production screening to ensure high quality and long-lasting durability.

Under normal circumstances, a castor outlasts the real equipment to which it is attached upon. But that could not be the fate for almost all the caster wheels. Utter overlook on these small rims of burden greatly reduces its life span to the abrupt end.

Such treatment may be attributed to the fact that people often neglect their importance. Remember, once the Pu castor wheel becomes ineffective the complete equipment will deteriorate shortly, of course unless the following tips are taken into consideration.

Replace exhausted caster wheels

Generally, a nylon castor wheel comes in fours or at least 3. Considering that you have a four-wheeled equipment, it’s likely that when one wheel malfunctions people still motivate the gear around and would wait around until all the castor wheels become useless.

Thus, the three castors that could have been salvaged that you replaced the single busted castor steering wheel are demolished and in acute cases the gear itself is also destroyed.

In order to avoid this, a castor must be changed as soon as it malfunctions. Not to mention, it is better to replace a single Pu castor wheel than to replace all in the immediate future or more serious reacquiring new equipment.


The axle of your caster wheel needs lubrication at definite intervals so that it will function well. Lubricating the central shaft lessens the friction between it and the internal group of the castor steering wheel hence the workload of the caster steering wheel is greatly reduced.

Moreover, you should have a convenient time moving the equipment around if you follow this advice. Check it out now and you’ll immediately go through the difference.

Be careful though the type of the lubricant you utilize in your caster wheels. Different situations require different kinds of lubricants for maximum results. Depending on the working condition, you might select from a dry lubricant and a wet lubricant.

For dusty environment, dry lubricant is preferred on the account that particles settles less often than using wet lubricant. On the other hand, wet lubricant suits best on conditions that, as the name advises, wet. This sort of lubricant is not easily washed away in respect to the dry type.
Look for punctures and cuts

Even the smallest scratches, punctures and slashes, if remaining unattended, will eventually tear the entire caster. To avoid this from happening, it is your very best interest to check on for punctures as frequently as possible. Common items that puncture the auto wheels are household things such toenails, tacks, glass, real wood splinters and cutting tools.

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