Song Writing And Where To Get Lyrics

Have you had a period where you’re looking, but just can’t think of a good concept for any completely new song or lyrics idea? Really don’t be overly distressed, virtually all song writers go through dry-spells sooner or later. Maybe you should take some time to look around at what is occurring in day to day life and ‘listen for lyrics’ in what is occurring around you.

Overheard conversation. For example, at a restaurant I heard a guy speaking to a mate when he used the phrase “There’s just no where left to go”. I immediately jotted it down, and started out to write a song based around that term. The song involved a romantic relationship that was ending and the hopelessness of unrequited love. This can be an easy topic, yet a topic with a strong concept.

Write about family predicaments. There nothing like getting concepts from friends or relative’s lives. Obviously, if it is unfavorable then you might not want to tell them where the idea came from. If your friend’s father just had a heart attack and the relatives are grieving, then why don’t you write a song about it? In fact, why not go a step further and make out like the their spouse is cheating? Elaborating on an imaginary or the real world story is frequently an awesome way to write a song. Yes, this may perhaps seem rough, but who’s to say you have to reveal your source of inspiration? Bear in mind that you’re only writing a song.

Listen to the daily news and what’s happening around the world. Earthquakes? Tsunamis? Politics? Violence? Racism? Think about the repercussions of the events that are unfolding before you. They are the things most people everywhere are paying attention to and watching. Remember to push things to a new level in your song, which which means think about the aftermaths of the events and circumstances. Try writing from the ‘how does this effects us’ point of view.

Finding ideas from television or films. How many occasions have you watched a film and have been totally moved by it? That is exactly the feeling people experience when hearing a song they love. It makes them really feel validated somehow. The lyrics are wholly in sync with their emotions. Writing lyrics about situations you discover on tv and in films in practical genres (ie. not sci-fi and horror). Make your lyrics emotive and something the audience can connect with. By doing so you can draw the audience in and they will want to listen to your song over and over.

As you can see, you’ll find any number of places where you’ll be able to locate good ideas for song, and when you have your ears attuned to listening for lyrics in all the various circumstances you find yourself, you will find that song ideas will start flooding in.

In an absolute pinch you may want to check out lyrics on any of the several on line song lyric web sites. Most of the sites are free to browse and by look through the song titles, or some of the free song lyrics you can discover there. You never know, you could get some good ideas for writing your own songs. Of course no one is advocating using other peoples work, however often just reading different song lyrics can get the inspiration started. Good Luck and happy song writing.

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