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How to Apple iPhone 11 keeps losing signal after updating to iOS 12.2.2

A premium smartphone like the Apple iPhone 11 should work properly without a hitch. It’s because Apple has put a lot of effort in making sure that everything works as they should. But some owners have reported having experienced network problems with their devices. The most common is that the iPhone keeps losing signal and the problem reportedly started after updating to iOS 12.2.2.  In this post, I will share with you the solutions we’ve […]

How to How to fix Gmail that is not working after iOS 13.2 on iPhone XS Max

Gmail is not only designed to be accessed in web browsers on a desktop or laptop, but also on smartphones. Through IMAP protocol, users can fetch and send emails from their internet-enabled devices. And this is really a great advantage for those who’ve been using Gmail for businesses or even for personal use as they can check their emails anytime, anywhere; as long as their phones have internet access. But with the recent iOS 13.2 […]

How to How to fix WhatsApp that keeps crashing on iPhone after iOS 13.2.2

When a popular app like Whatsapp starts to keep crashing on a high-end device like the iPhone, you can always expect the problem to be pretty minor. Some owners reported that such issue occurred after the recent iOS 13.2.2 update. Most of the time, it’s just a firmware issue and you can actually fix it on your own by doing a few troubleshooting procedures.  In this post, I will walk you through in fixing your […]

How to Easy ways to fix iPhone cellular data that is not working after iOS 13.2.2

Cellular data is important especially if you’re on the go. It gives you the capability to connect to the Internet and send MMS or text messages with attachments. However, some owners of the iPhone have been complaining because the cellular data on their devices no longer works after the iOS 13.2.2 update.  In this post, I will guide you in fixing your iPhone with cellular data that is not working after an update. We will […]

How to Fix iPhone XS Max shows Wi-Fi connected but no internet after iOS 13.2

It seems unusual to have no internet access when in fact your phone shows it is connected to Wi-Fi. This has been one of the post-update errors iPhone users encountered when installing the iOS 13.2 update on their iOS devices. Often times, iOS bugs are the main trigger. In this article,we have mapped out attainable solutions that user can use to fix this post-update error on iOS 13.2 iPhone XS Max. Before we start troubleshooting […]

How to Fixes for Spotify that keeps crashing after iOS 13.2 on iPhone XS

Spotify is among the famous audio and video music streaming services that can now be accessed on iOS devices. During the recent iOS update, this app started to act up and frequently crashes when launched. Little did we know that when an app keeps on crashing after major software updates, it is also an indication that this app has become buggy and corrupted. Mapped out below are effective fixes for Spotify app that keeps crashing […]

How to Fixes for iPhone X that is stuck on white Apple logo after iOS 13.2

Fixing the errors from the previous iOS version and taking advantage of the new features iOS 13.2 offers are among the various reasons why iOS users eagerly installed the latest iOS version. But the excitement they felt when hearing about the newly rolled out software version has been replaced by total disappointment. This is because instead of enjoying the newly added features on their iPhones, they end up searching for solutions on how to get […]

How to How to fix iPhone X that keeps losing Wi-Fi signal after iOS 13.2

While the end result of iOS 13.2 optimizes end-user’s camera experience using Deep Fusion and various new features being offered, issues from the previous iOS 13 seem like being carried on with the recent iOS 13.2 update. In fact, several iOS users complained that their iPhone devices keep losing Wi-Fi signal after installing the recent iOS version. To give address to this issue, we have mapped out essential solutions to troubleshoot iPhone X device that […]

How to How to fix messenger keeps crashing after iOS 13.2 on iPhone XR

Crashing apps issue is a persistent symptom regularly occurs after every iOS update. Ordinary it may seem, but there are still a lot of users who find it hard to fix such crashing issue. Just like with the recent iOS 13.2 update wherein Messenger app keeps crashing after the new software implementation. If this has been your predicament after installing iOS 13.2 on your iPhone XR, this article will help you address the issue. Before […]

How to How to fix iPhone X with very slow internet after iOS 13.2

Slow internet connection can often happen when the internet source is inflicted by random firmware glitches. However, there are also other factors that cause the symptoms to become visible especially during new system implementation. In this article, we will provide you with the common triggers and the corresponding solutions to fix your iPhone X that is having a very slow internet connection after installing iOS 13.2. Read on and learn more. Before we start troubleshooting, […]

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