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Month: November 2019

How to How to fix an iPhone that keeps lagging and freezing after iOS 13.2.3

When a high-end device like an Apple iPhone starts to keep lagging and freezing after the iOS 13.2.3 update, you can always expect the problem to be firmware-related. I mean, all performance issues are actually due to some issues with the firmware. Needless to say, you should be able to fix those issues by doing some basic troubleshooting. We have encountered a lot of issues like this in the past and I can assure you […]

How to Fix an iPhone that has slow internet connection after iOS 13.2.3

When a powerful smartphone like your iPhone has a slow internet connection, the problem can only be with your network device if it’s getting connection from a WiFi network. If it’s connected to the Internet via cellular data, then it’s possible that your service provider is having some network issues as well. For you to be able to determine the reason why your device has a slow internet connection, you have to troubleshoot your device.  […]

How to Fix iPhone X that keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi network after iOS 13.2

It has come to our awareness that iOS update is typically accustomed to post-update errors. And it has been a struggle for many iOS users to keep their iOS devices free of flaws after the new system implementation. But no matter how cautious we are, these errors are really invincible because of the enumerable factors that trigger the symptoms to emerge. One of the post-update and common wireless internet issues users are acquainted with after […]

How to iPhone 11 Unable to Install the iOS 13.2 Update, An Error Occurred

There were iPhone 11 owners who reported to have been getting the error “Unable to Install the Update’ while trying to download the iOS 13.2 for their devices. While this may seem like a serious issue considering the fact that it’s firmware-related, most of the time, it can be fixed by doing one or a couple of practical troubleshooting procedures. That’s what I’m going to share with you in this post.  If you’re one of […]

How to How to Set Up Face ID on iPhone 11 [Tutorial]

To set up Face ID on your iPhone 11 device is plain and simple. In fact, some users were able to set up face recognition ID on their phone in just a minute or two. But for those who are not into techie thing, you may find it hard to set up one for your device. Hence, there is no need for you to worry about as we got you covered. Before we move on […]

How to How to enable Wi-Fi on iPhone 11 device [Tutorial]

Don’t know how to set up and enable Wi-Fi on your new iPhone 11 yet? Read on and learn how to manage the Wi-Fi feature on your iPhone 11 device. iPhone 11 is one of the latest phones that supports Wi-Fi 6 connections. Compared to the previous versions for standard wireless networking, Wi-Fi 6 is faster and more efficient. According to reports, it is 40% faster than Wi-Fi 5 speed. Devices can also transfer more […]

Tuto : Comment Télécharger Insanity Workout

Il y a 4 programmes d’entraînement; Insanity, Insanity Deluxe et Insanity PRO Team. Et puis il y a le Insanity Max 30 qui est le plus efficace. Pour moi, le programme d’entraînement de base a été suffisant. J’ai commencé gratuitement avec un abonnement à Beachbody, et je crois que la même méthode fonctionne pour chaque programme Insanity. Voici comment. Lien pour télécharger les différents fichiers : _ BEACHBODY INSANITY CUSTOM CHART – VERSION 1.0 : […]

How to How to enable Bluetooth on iPhone 11 [Tutorial]

Bluetooth is a wireless communication platform incorporated into your iPhone 11 device to be able to connect to other devices, gadgets, or accessories. Your iOS device can be paired with any devices without limits for as long as the paired devices are compatible. But your device can only connect or pair with other Bluetooth-enabled accessories one at a time. On the previous iOS generation, you still need to head to your phone’s menu settings in […]

How to How to fix an iPhone 11 that has no sound after iOS 13.2 update

Some iPhone 11 owners have reported that shortly after the iOS 13.2 update, they could no longer hear their devices sound off when notifications pop up. Others even said that it seems like the loudspeaker is no longer working as their units just won’t emit sound even if they play some tracks. When a high-end smartphone like this has no sound but doesn’t have any signs of physical or liquid damage, then it’s probably just […]

How to How to fix overheating problem on iPhone 11 after iOS 13.2 update

Updates on devices are usually meant to fix bugs and glitches in order to bring out the best performance. However, it is inevitable that issues suddenly occur right after an update like overheating. This might be due to incompatibility issues or faulty updates. Random bugs may also cause disturbance on the phone’s system and could result to overheating problems. Unlike Android devices, overheating problems on iOS devices aren’t really that serious because the system is […]

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