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Month: December 2019

How to How to fix iPhone XR Face iD not working after iOS 13.3 update

iPhone XR Face ID not working is among the various post-update errors reported after installing the latest iOS 13.3 update. Read on and check how you can possibly address this issue. Face ID allows users to unlock iPhone device, access third-party apps, and authenticate App Store and iTunes purchases without entering a device passcode, but by simply looking at the phone’s TrueDepth (front) camera. This amazing feature is only available to the latest iPhones versions […]

How to How to fix iPhone X notifications not working after 13.3

Notifications play a vital role in every end-user’s smartphones like the iPhone. It notifies users for incoming calls, SMS/MMS, alarms, and more. Nevertheless, it helps user to trace unanswered calls, received text messages, emails, and scheduled events. But what happens when notifications alerts fail to work as intended? What if your iPhone does not produce any sound nor lit up when getting incoming call and text messages, set off alarms, and reminders? Well, pretty sure […]

How to How to fix iPhone 11 call problems, phone not receiving calls

When your iPhone is suddenly unable to make or receive phone calls, you have the option to either troubleshoot or immediately contact your network service provider to report the problem for further assistance. Although the latter would certainly render positive results, it may not be a better option especially if you’ll be placed on hold or waiting in queue for long. Hence, performing basic troubleshooting on your end is likewise imperative. The procedures I’ve mapped […]

How to Potential fixes for iPhone X Twitter keeps crashing after iOS 13.3

Have you been trying to use Twitter after iOS 13.3 update on your iPhone X and is not able to tweet because the app itself keeps crashing when launch? Then you have come to the right place! Twitter is a well-maintained and stable social media platform which is being patronized by millions of people world-wide. But regardless of how sturdy this app can be, it is still vulnerable to glitches. Tackled in this post are […]

How to What to do if your iPhone 11 won’t send emails through Mail app?

Sending and receiving emails are among the most important things you can do with your iPhone. And given the various platforms, you can manage emails in many different ways. One of the most reliable and stable email processing platform is Apple’s very own Mail application. However, using Mail doesn’t guarantee a totally flawless email processing experience. Like any other platforms, Mail can also bump into some random errors. Read on to find out why and […]

How to 5 Best Passport Photos App for iPhone [Latest iOS apps rundown]

A passport serves as an important travel document that’s primarily used to identify a person’s citizenship. It certifies the holder’s identity and nationality for the purpose of international travel. Having said that, it must be legit. The typical way of getting a passport is to apply for it from the country’s designated government agency, particularly foreign affairs. But unlike the previous years, passport processing nowadays can already be completed in just a few days. Thanks […]

How to Fix iPhone X black screen of death after iOS 13.3 implementation

iPhone X black screen of death issue can be attributed by system glitches and hardware damage. This screen issue is unpreventable especially with the presence of various triggers. But as long as it is software-related, the black screen issue is still rectifiable in your end. If you are certain that your iPhone X has not been exposed to liquid or physical damage, you can refer to this post and hopefully be able to fix this […]

How to Is Bluetooth not working on iPhone 11? Here’s how your fix Bluetooth Issues.

Bluetooth is one of the things you can surely enjoy on your iPhone 11 if you’re into listening music tracks through a wireless headset. Unfortunately for some, Bluetooth seems to be acting up on them and they can no longer use their iPhones properly. Bluetooth issues occur from time to time but they’re not really that serious and you may be able to fix them easily by doing a troubleshooting procedure or two. In this […]

How to How to fix iPhone X Netflix keeps crashing after iOS 13.3

Netflix app crashing on iOS device often tied to a device issue rather than the app itself. This is when the app keeps crashing and then brings you back to the menu screen of the iOS handset. Upon using the Netflix app, you will be asked to agree with its terms and conditions. If you choose to disagree, then definitely the app will close. But when the Netflix app crashes right after installing an iOS […]

How to Apps crash on iPhone 11? Here’s how to fix iOS apps that keep crashing

Many of iOS apps are regularly updated to make sure that they work properly without any issues even if a new firmware update is rolled out. But problems occur from time to time and among the most common issues are app crashes. It’s when an app suddenly closes by itself while being used. Most of the time, such an issue is not really serious and you may be able to fix it on your own […]

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