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Month: December 2019

How to Latest 5 Best Caller ID Apps for iPhone XS and how to use them 

It’s definitely annoying to get junk calls and spam messages on  your phone. Nonetheless, fraud callers and entities are now becoming rampant hence, unwanted calls and text messages could still butt in. To address this concern, software developers have created some dedicated applications that will help smartphone owners filter and restrict unwanted calls and messages from reaching your iPhone. If you think you need to get any of these apps, I’ve mapped out five of […]

How to What to do with iOS 13 lag that resulted in sluggish or laggy iPhones

Performance issues are pretty common even to high-end devices like iPhones. More often than not, these issues occur after an update and that seems to be the case with some owners who recently updated their iPhones to iOS 13.3. Shortly after the update, some owners reported that their devices are has become laggy to the point that they can no longer use it properly. Lags that resulted from a firmware update may range from minor […]

How to Latest 5 Best Video Editor Apps for iPhone iOS 13

New iPhone models are already equipped with more advanced features that allow users to do some highly intensive tasks like video editing and publishing. The advanced camera system entrenched in these modern iOS devices makes them capable of working both as a high-end camera and a smartphone. Furthermore, the 4K video capability also makes these iPhones able to shoot and produce high quality videos and the recent iOS updates made them capable of editing and […]

How to iPhone 11 keeps disconnecting from WiFi? Here’s the fix!

When an iPhone disconnects from WiFi where it gets an Internet connection from, it does not necessarily mean that there’s a problem with your iPhone. It’s possible that your network device needs to be refreshed. Actually, that seems to be the case with some iPhone owners who reported about this problem shortly after installing the recent iOS 13.3 update. Apparently, a problem like this will always result in the failure of some apps, especially the […]

How to 5 Best Calorie Counter Apps In 2020 (Android only)

Calorie counting is very important to some people, especially the ones who want to lose weight. It isn’t easy to keep track of all your calorie intake because most of the time, even if the food we eat seems healthy, we really can’t tell how much sugar is in it. That’s why some of us may need the help of technology. There are apps that exist to help you count your calories so that such […]

How to How to fix iPhone XS cellular data not working after iOS 13.3

Apple iOS devices such as iPhones are designed to access the internet with either using the mobile data or by connecting to a wireless network. What’s the good thing about having a smartphone is that you will still be able to use internet-based apps anytime, anywhere you go. Even without having connected to a Wi-Fi. Depending on your data subscription, you can enjoy and get started to surf the net using your phone’s cellular data. […]

How to Fix iPhone XS No Service error after iOS 13.3

A no service error on iPhone means that there is an interruption of signal transmission to the extent that you are no longer getting signal from your service provider’s cellular tower. Therefore, all your network connectivity features on your iOS device are being suspended. Once your device is under this situation, you are no longer able to send and receive SMS, MMS, and iMessages, unable to make and receive calls, cellular and internet connection are […]

How to How to fix iPhone X frozen screen after iOS 13.3

Frozen iPhone screen is among the various post-update errors emerge after installing iOS 13.3 update. Once your iPhone X screen no longer recognizes swipe or tap commands, then basically you are stuck on that particular display and had no choice in rectifying the issue but to use the hard keys and other alternatives that you can utilize. Mapped out in this post are potential and proven effective solutions to fix screen stuck or screen frozen […]

How to Fix can’t connect to iPhone XR hotspot after iOS 13.3

Personal hotspot on iPhone enables you to share mobile data to other devices such as computer, laptop, and other Wi-Fi enabled devices. However, this feature has been compromised after the iOS 13.3 update. A lot of users reported that they can’t connect to hotspot on their iPhone XR device and therefore, can’t share the internet to other devices. In line with this, we have mapped out potential fixes to resolve can’t connect to hotspot on […]

How to How to fix Apple iPhone 11 frozen or not responding

The problem on frozen or unresponsive displays in mobile devices isn’t always due to hardware damage. In fact, many cases of unresponsive or frozen iPhones have been tied to system issues. This is usually the case if the symptoms transpired in new devices. Tackled in this post is a relevant issue on the new iPhone 11 handset that suddenly keeps freezing. Keep scrolling to find out more on how to deal with this issue. Common […]

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