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Month: January 2020

How to iPhone Twitter Keeps Crashing. Here’s The Real Fix!

If you are in a deep struggle to fix your iPhone Twitter that keeps crashing, you’ve come to the right place. Users who have been trying to resolve iPhone Twitter crashing issue should read this post to understand what triggers the app to keep on crashing and how to correct the problem. Twitter is a famous micro blogging system and social media service that enables users to send and receive posts of up to 140 […]

How to How to delete iPhone Albums and Free Up Storage Space

This post highlights a step-by-step guide for iOS starters who need help managing video and image files on an iPhone. Read on to find out how to delete iPhone albums and free up storage space whenever your device is running low on storage. Photos take up a large amount of storage space from your iPhone. That said, deleting old and unused images from your iPhone is imperative, so as to free up some space.  Pictures […]

How to Turn Galaxy S10 Hole-Punch Camera Cutout Into Battery Indicator

Many users have been looking for ways to hide the hole-punch camera cutout on their Galaxy S10, and you really can’t blame them. But if you’ve been using the device for months, you will learn to accept the fact that it just won’t go away.  So instead of finding ways to ‘hide’ it, it’s better to find some other ways to make use of it. One of those ways is to turn the Galaxy S10 […]

How to My iPhone Screen is Black. Here’s Why and How To Fix It!

iPhone black screen issue is among the hardest problems to fix as there is no way you can access and navigate your iPhone menu. But with proper research and testing, we have come up with potential solutions that may help fix this annoying screen issue. When you’re stuck on a black screen and the phone becomes unresponsive, it could be that your phone is having software or hardware issues. Hardware-related factors such as physical or […]

How to My iPhone Battery is Yellow. What should I do?

If you’re wondering what a yellow battery indicator on your iPhone screen means, I’ve explicated a quick answer below. Read further and get to know the basics about the yellow iPhone battery color indicator. Yellow battery icon: Low Power Mode A yellow battery icon on the iPhone normally indicates that the device is currently in low power mode. In normal circumstances, this does not depict any problem unless the battery indicator suddenly turns yellow and […]

How to How to Share iPhone Wi-Fi Password with Other Devices

Did you know that you can share your iPhone Wi-Fi password with other devices? This feature will be very useful if you were given a privilege by someone to connect to their network but needed to share the connection with your friends or other device.  Sharing the iPhone Wi-Fi password does not reveal the password itself. It will automatically be added to the password field of the device you want to share the connection from. […]

How to How to Factory Reset Galaxy S20

You only need to Factory Reset Galaxy S20 if you have some software-related problems and that the phone is still working. It means that you should be able to access Settings for you to be able to perform this procedure. Since it will bring your phone back to its default settings and configuration, all your personal files, data and apps will be deleted. If possible, take time to create a copy of things you don’t […]

How to How to connect a Bluetooth mouse to an iPhone (iOS 13)

When the iOS 13 platform was officially rolled out, several new features were also introduced to eligible iPhone and iPad devices. One of the new significant features the iOS 13 delivered is an accessibility feature known as mouse support. It’s basically a Bluetooth pairing feature that allows the iOS 13 devices to pair with a wireless or Bluetooth mouse or trackpad. If you need help on how to make use of this new feature, I’ve […]

How to My Macbook won’t turn on, how do I fix it?

Having trouble with your Macbook that won’t turn on? If so, then this post might be able to help. Read on to find out what to do if your Macbook suddenly refuses to power on. Possible reasons why your Macbook won’t turn on Your Macbook has probably ran out of power and therefore it’s no longer able to power up unless it’s recharged. This is the most obvious reason. Nonetheless, it is also possible that […]

How to Why does my iPhone battery die so fast? Here’s the fix.

I was once asked, “Why does my iPhone battery die so fast?” And I was like, maybe you’ve been using your iPhone more often than your normal usage. This is also among the most asked questions we have received from our avid readers. Some would agree that it is indeed due to frequent phone usage. While others think that there might be something else that triggers their iPhone’s battery to drain so fast. In this […]

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