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Month: February 2020

How to How to Reset All Settings on Galaxy S20 without deleting critical data

Wondering how to reset all settings on Galaxy S20? This post highlights the steps and screenshots on how it’s done. Read on if you need help carrying out the entire reset process. Settings reset usually comes in handy whenever a system-related issue arises in mobile devices. Through resets, any settings errors or features that aren’t properly configured are potentially corrected as they are obliterated while the default values and options are restored. In smartphones, there […]

How to How To Add a Corporate Email Account on iPad Pro 3rd Gen.

If you’ve been given a corporate email account by your employer and you wish to add this on your iPad Pro 3rd Generation, feel free to read this post and go through the process. In this post, we will also discuss what this type of account is and its purpose. A corporate email account is supported and finance by a company for business purposes. Corporations also use free email account from internet service providers that […]

How to How to Transfer Data from Old Device to Galaxy S20 via USB connection

Want to free up some space on your new Samsung phone but permanent deletion isn’t a viable option? If that is so, then you can just move all important data from your phone instead. This post will teach you how to transfer data from an old device to a Galaxy S20 using a USB/wired connection. Read on for more information. Moving files from one device to another is a typical way of creating backups until […]

How to How to activate and schedule Auto Restart on Galaxy S20

The latest tech innovations have made complicated tasks become straightforward. In fact, a lot of manual tasks can now be accomplished automatically. New smartphones for example, from mid-range to high-end are already equipped with several automatic features including automatic restart. And Samsung’s newest Galaxy flagship device also has it. In case you need help on how to make use of the auto restart feature on your new Samsung smartphone, I’ve laid a quick guide for […]

How to How to View and Manage Galaxy S20 Data Usage

Wondering what’s consuming the  most of your mobile data allowance on your new Samsung Galaxy S20? I’ve laid out the steps on how to scrutinize these details below. Here’s a quick guide on how to view and manage Galaxy S20 data usage. Feel free to refer to this walk-through if you need help evading from unwanted charges from excessive data usage on your device. Many apps and services are programmed to use data when wireless […]

How to How to Manage Galaxy S20 Battery with Device Care

This post aims at helping new Android users, particularly those with Samsung’s latest Galaxy flagship smartphone make the most of its battery life. Here’s a quick guide on how to optimize and manage Galaxy S20 battery. Optimizing battery usage is imperative on every device, regardless of the battery capacity. Doing so will not only help extend the battery life but also aids in keeping the device’s optimum performance. The steps I demonstrate in this context […]

How to How to Create and Send Audio Message on Galaxy S20

Need help on how to create and send audio message on Galaxy S20? If so, then this post is for you. Here’s a quick guide on how to get started with the Galaxy S20 audio messaging feature. Modern smartphones, particularly flagship devices do come with tons of new features and advanced services. Among these new and advanced features is the ability to process multimedia messages. This means you can send not only plain text but […]

How to How to Change the Galaxy S20 Ringtone with a built-in audio clip

Want to change the default ringtone on your new Samsung Galaxy S20 handset but don’t know where to get started? If so, then this post will get you covered. Here’s a quick and easy guide on how to change the Galaxy S20 ringtone. Each smartphone comes with a default ringtone. Default ringtones are usually schemed to represent the label of a certain device. For example, Apple smartphones do have a default ringtone that would make […]

How to How to Add Emergency Information to Galaxy S20 Lock Screen

Need help adding emergency information on your new Samsung smartphone? I’ve laid out a simple guide to help you do so. Adding emergency information is imperative as it lets anyone who picks up your phone view your message and emergency info without unlocking your device. Hence, this should be deemed among the first features must be set up on your new phone. Read on to find out how to add emergency information to Galaxy S20 […]

How to How to put Galaxy S20 on Silent Mode

When silent mode is enabled, you won’t hear any audio output from your phone as sound features are muted. Putting your phone in this mode is what you need, especially if you’re in a place with some sort of noise restriction. Thankfully, modern smartphones already have controls to make necessary adjustments to audio or sound outputs. In this guide, I will walk you through modifying the default audio settings on your Galaxy S20 handset. Read […]

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