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How to How to use Galaxy S20 Wireless PowerShare for charging Smart Accessories

Also referred to as reverse charging, wireless powershare is an innovative feature that allows you to convert your Galaxy S20 into a wireless charger. In other words, you can share your phone’s battery with your other smart accessories wirelessly. If this is something new to you and you’re eager to give it a try on your new Samsung device, then this post will help you get started. Read on to find out how to charge […]

How to How to Share Photos from Galaxy S20

New smartphones are now capable of carrying out more advanced tasks including those that were only done through computers before. And one of these advanced features is instant file sharing. There are many ways to share files between smartphones and other mobile devices. Email, cloud, external devices and wireless sharing are just among the widely used methods. In this tutorial, I will demonstrate the most common file sharing method that many smartphone users are utilizing. […]

How to How To Reset Galaxy A20 Network Settings

There are different kinds of reset you can do on your Galaxy A20, or any Android phone for that matter. One of those is the network reset, which may come in very handy if you have some issues with your phone related to connectivity. And in this post, we will show you how to reset Galaxy A20 Network Settings to fix any network problem. It is important that you know how to do this procedure […]

How to How to download app and widget on Galaxy S20

Not all pre-installed apps and services on your smartphone meet all your needs and preferences. Thankfully, online stores are there to cater to such end-user demands. For Android devices, Google’s very own digital-multimedia content service called Play Store serves this purpose. With the Play Store, you can browse through various online stores where you can browse and download apps, games and other items directly to your Android device. In this guide, I will walk you […]

How to How To Factory Reset An iPad

As an owner, you should learn how to factory reset an iPad because it’s the most effective solution to almost all firmware- and app-related issues. The procedure itself is very easy and straightforward but what’s important is that you’d know what happens when a reset is performed. A factory reset will bring your iPad back to its factory default settings and configuration, hence the name. It goes without saying that it will have the same […]

How to How to Adjust Galaxy S20 Screen Timeout and Brightness

Is your Samsung Galaxy S20 display too bright or dim? Or is the screen locks or turns off immediately or the opposite? If so, then this likely denotes the need for you to make necessary adjustments to your display settings. In case you need help on how to get this done, I’ve laid out a quick walk-through portraying a step-by-step process. Read on to learn how to adjust the Galaxy S20 screen timeout and brightness […]

How to How to Manage Galaxy S20 Memory

Wondering what’s consuming the most of your Galaxy S20’s internal memory? If so, then this post will walk you through viewing the details. Read on to find out how to access and manage Galaxy S20 memory. Although Samsung’s flagship devices do offer high storage capacity, time will always come for that space to be filled, especially if you’re fond of downloading huge apps and media files. And this is when memory management plays a vital […]

How to How to Check and Install Galaxy S20 Updates

One way to keep a device performing at its best is to keep it up to date. System updates rolled out by smartphone manufacturers are generally designed to deliver new features along with system enhancements and bug fixes. All these are imperative to keeping a device working perfectly. If you are new to the Android platform and need some inputs on how to update your new Samsung Galaxy S20 handset, I’ve laid out a simple […]

How to How to Insert and Remove SIM Card on Galaxy S20

Inserting and removing the SIM card on a smartphone is generally straightforward. All you need to do is to locate the SIM card tray on the phone and then use the SIM ejector tool to open it. In case you need some input on how to do this on the new Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphone, I’ve illustrated a step-by-step guide on how to insert and remove SIM card on Galaxy S20. Keep reading for more […]

How to How To Enable Developer Mode On Galaxy A50 [Help Guide]

If you wish to enable Developer Mode on your Galaxy A50 device but can’t find the option on the menu settings, read this post to learn. With Developer Mode enabled on your Samsung Galaxy A50, you will be able to improve the app performance of your android phone. By default, this option is hidden. So before you can turn on Developer Mode, you need to unhide this option from the menu settings . Unhiding the […]

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