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Fun and simple decorating for the Halloween

First you can start with something simple to make a holiday theme. Just look across your home for any container or jar of various sizes. Fill various containers with Halloween candy and everything that will make it look like the season!

Get a place to display the jars on your counter top, kitchen table, living room table etc. You may also tie a bow around the middle of every container and allow it to drape down on the table or counter. Utilize solid color Halloween ribbon like orange or black with a Halloween print. Add some fall leaves tucked across the jars or some twigs with artificial berries. This will ensure a Halloween holiday theme to your room!

You’ve surely heard about scarecrow in the pumpkin patch to keep the crows away. But how about a scarecrow placed in a corner of your kitchen or entryway to greet your family every morning? Make a friend use old plants and long sleeves shirt for the upper body, or tie the waist with strings and tuck into the pants.

You may also fold a pillowcase or fold a flour sack in half and sew the edges leaving the bottom open to stuff and then tie off with Thanksgiving ribbon or string for the head. Add a cute face with markers, paint or glue on the pieces. Put the head into the top of the shirt and close the top button.

Get a picture of the sample Decor

Take an assortment of picture frames and fill them with the pictures of past Halloweens! Make a nice display of your goblins and little ghosts in all their dresses. Add some sugar pumpkins in the picture display and take spider webbing to drape across your frame display.

If this is your kid’s very first Halloween, there is nothing to worry about! Have an interesting photo session and dress your kid in his costume and then snap the pictures with various indoor backgrounds and an assortment of poses. Print the pictures from your computer and you are all ready! Making something memorable was never this simple or fun!

If you are looking for a more high-end display, you can also spray on your pumpkins a metallic color or transform them into a spider. You can also utilize a witch’s hat as your display and set your pictures around it or scrapbook some pictures. Let your imagination flow!

Simple and Funny Tablecloth Idea

Accumulate some lovely fall leaves, some pictures of your family in your Halloween dress, and vinyl lettering with Halloween sayings etc. You may also put a tablecloth or white sheet on the table and then arrange the items on the cloth. Cover the table with clear vinyl tablecloth fabric. Your family will surely love the Christmas ribbon decoration and other things to talk about when they gather at the table to eat.

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