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How to How to Use Spotify on iPhone | Spotify Guide 2020

Learn to use Spotify on iPhone by reading this post… Today’s advanced technology changed people’s way of living. And among these incredible changes is the availability to access digital music services on smartphones. One of which is Spotify.  Spotify is a digital music, podcast, and video streaming service that enables users to access a variety of songs and other contents. Spotify service is offered for free. However, it will only allow users to play music. […]

How to How To Fix iPhone Slow Charging After iOS 13.3 Update

Dealing with slow charging problems on  your iPhone after the recent iOS 13.3 update? If that’s so, then this post might be able to help you out. Keep scrolling and get help. New iPhones are expected to get fully charged in about an hour or so from the moment it’s plugged into the charger. Nonetheless, there are several factors that can slow down the charging process and you will just realize that your iPhone is […]

How to 12 Best Portable Power Bank Charger For iPhone

Most of us never want to be caught with a dead smartphone. In the connected world, it’s an extremely annoying problem to having to deal with a dead smartphone, especially if you use your phone for work where people depend on you to always be around your phone. At that point, keeping your phone charged and on is extremely important. But, what if you get caught somewhere without a wall outlet or car charger port? […]

How to 5 Best Bluetooth Keyboards For iPhone

In our digital world, we use our phones for almost everything, including work. If you type up email and create documents on the go a lot, the iPhone digital, on-screen keyboard can be way too small, and even uncomfortable for a lot of typing. Luckily, we have Bluetooth keyboards, which can hook up to iOS without a problem. iOS has full compatibility, so typing on a wireless keyboard shouldn’t be a problem. Now, there are […]

How to How To Fix iPhone 5S Wont Connect To Wi-Fi

The #Apple #iPhone5S is an older generation iPhone model which was first released in September 2013. It has a solid build quality made of an Aluminum body with a 4 inch IPS LCD screen having a resolution of 640 x 1136 pixels which is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass. At the back is an 8MP main camera while the front has a 1.2MP selfie camera. Under the hood, you will find the Apple A7 dual […]

How to Future Models of Apple Watch May Come With a Touch ID Sensor Beneath the Digital Crown

A new report claims that Apple is working to build a Touch ID sensor into the digital crown. This feature may prove to be challenging given the small form factor of the Apple Watch. One likely scenario where this could come in handy is with payment authentication and in-app purchases on the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch is one of the most successful smartwatches in the world and has led other manufacturers into the fray […]

How to How to Use Yolo in Snapchat – Get Anonymous Secret Messages

Snapchat has already established its name in the social media world, especially with teens who are fond of using the cool effects found on the app. On the other hand, Yolo is also rising to the top as one of the most downloaded apps. What will you get if you use Yolo in Snapchat?  If you combine these two apps, that would sound like an exciting adventure. If you’re not aware what Yolo is, it […]

How to Apple May Delay Launch of the 2020 5G iPhone ‘By Months’

A new report suggest that Apple may be considering pushing the launch of the 2020 iPhone by a few months. The travel restrictions imposed by countries is reportedly going to be a factor in the delay. The 2020 iPhone will be the first from the company to come with support 5G connectivity. As per a report by a Japanese financial publication, Apple may be considering pushing the release of the 2020 iPhone “by months” as […]

How to How to Delete Your Tik Tok Account 2020

Tik Tok has been providing fun and entertainment to a lot of people lately. It has garnered its popularity by allowing the users to record short videos and express themselves through acting, dancing, lip-syncing or singing. But like any other things, you might need to get rid of this app and delete your Tik Tok account.  Based on the data, there are around 500 million Tik Tok users all over the world. Most of them […]

How to How to Make Tik Tok Videos – Beginners Guide to Tik Tok 2020

Tik Tok is making a buzz these days as a lot of people have been posting their recorded stuff on the Internet using the Tik Tok app. Some say it is fun and exciting while others say that it is satisfying to record different scenarios. The question is, are you ready to make Tik Tok videos and join the party?  Different marketing strategies and newly added features are the main reason why an app becomes […]

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