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Have a Detailed Idea about the Myers’ Cocktail IV Infusion

The Myers’ Cocktail: IV vitamin C+ other nutrients. There is a treatment of rapid intravenous infusion containing high dose vitamins and minerals for the treatment for a variety of ailments. It is becoming wildly popular and that sparked my attention some years ago. There are hundreds of physicians in this country that use it as a stand-alone therapy or also as replacement therapy for that receiving chelation therapy. This infusion is something referred to as […]

Nuggets of Information On Anti-aging Medicine and Diet Improvement

A myriad of health issues is prevalent in human lives. What causes it? Well, there are several contributing factors, which include, lack of exercises, junk food eating habits, excessive smoking and drinking, improper food combination, unhealthy lifestyle, and the list would continue. Even if we try hard, we can’t enlist each and every issue that a particular person is suffering from. Obviously, the causes lead to migraines, weight gain, diabetes, higher blood pressure, insomnia, stress, […]