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How to Make Your Dog a Service Dog

Make Your Dog a Service Dog Our pets truly depend on us, and an increasing number of people have discovered that they depend on their dogs, cats, and other animals for help, too! We’ll show you how to make your dog a service dog, and how quick and easy service dog registration is! We’ll also show you how ESA registration can help you keep your dog, cat, or other animal for free in a “no-pet” […]

How to Register Pet as a Psychiatric Service Dog

How to Register Pet as a Psychiatric Service Dog Psychiatric Service Dog: A psychiatric Service Dog is simply a service dog for a person with a psychiatric impairment, like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). These dogs are individually trained in obedience, performing tasks, and working in distracting public environments to mitigate their handler’s psychiatric disability. Their function is not to provide emotional support, but to perform tasks which enable their partner to function in ordinary […]

Custom Wallpaper – A Perfect Way to Personalize your Home

Paint is a way of improving the look of your home. But, it is not the only option. Another popular option is wallpaper. The benefit of using wallpaper is that it not only adds a pop of color to the walls but it also gives a texture to them. When you use paint to adorn your walls, you get a one-dimensional effect, but when you choose wallpaper, you get to add different layers to the […]

Home Painting News: Benjamin Moore’s Color of Year 2018 is Out!

Colors have the power to change a dull dreary ambience into a vibrant one! With the right hues, you can transform your home into a masterpiece. But, choosing the right color is a big task. It means any type of help, advice and suggestions are always welcome. And, when you can obtain help from Canada’s premier paint color company, it is a clear blessing. Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year is here! Last year, Benjamin […]

How to avoid Electrical Problems during winter?

Winter is coming! The winter may not be as cruel as the one in Game of Thrones universe, but if you do not take necessary precautions, it can cause electrical disasters in your home. It is the perfect time to conduct a thorough electrical inspection of your property. Why? You certainly do not want the power to go off during the cold winter months. Put an End to Electrical Problems; Enjoy a Safe and Warm […]

Popcorn Removal: A Task That You Should Leave It To The Professionals

Do you have a popcorn ceiling at home? Before the 90s, it was a trend to install the popcorn ceilings in homes for around four decades. Then, what happened that it suddenly became an eyesore to the modern homeowners? We can’t single out a particular reason, but some murmurs were there about its uneven and “bizarre” appearance. Well, let’s just leave it down to the history and move on with what we can do to […]

How to make a Decision between Building up and Building out?

Lack of adequate space can make coming back to your home a dreadful task. No one likes a crammed space. When you feel that your home is bursting at the seams, a home addition project can come to your rescue. Building Up or Out: Find an Answer to the Home Addition Dilemma Before beginning with the project, there is one important thing that deserves your attention. Do you want to increase the size of your […]

Hire a Handyman to install a Kitchen Floor that will stand tall for years

A kitchen floor suffers a lot. It has to handle the incessant gallivant of family members, the constant heat from the cooking and the frequent spills. And, it has to do everything while maintaining its sheen and beauty. Well, being in the cooking area can definitely take a toll on the kitchen flooring. Not every material is built to stand tall as a kitchen floor. And, soon, you may end up with cracked, damaged flooring […]

Home Office in the Basement: A Private Workspace in your Home

With the advancement in technology and easy access to internet, boundaries between work and home are becoming indistinct. But, working from home is not everyone’s cup of tea. And, if you work from a high-traffic zone such as the kitchen island or the dining table, you will have to deal with distractions. Kids, neighbors, television and, not to forget, enticing afternoon naps can really make your day unproductive. So, what’s the solution? Head to the […]

Chromatherapy: Painting your Toronto Home into a Personal Retreat

Life in Toronto is frenzied and expensive. And, that’s why millennials are ditching the urban life for greener pastures. But, are you ready for the long battle of commute? If you are tired of the fast city life of Toronto, but do not want to leave the convenience and comfort, there is a solution for you. You can make your home your personal retreat. No, we are not talking about renovating a home and making […]

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