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Category: Self Improvement

How to make your Business Smarter with AI?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere! You experience it when Google Maps provides you with an ETA of your destination. Banks develop AI to detect fraudulent transactions and make better credit decisions. Facebook is known to use cognitive intelligence for customizing your news feed. It shows that machines have slowly crept up in our lives. And, so, they are bound to be part of our livelihood. When businessowners think of AI, they tend to relate the […]

Sailing Techniques and Skills – A Beginner’s Guide

Learning to navigate a sailboat is one adventure that is fast becoming popular among all ages of adventurers. Learning the correct sailing techniques and skills are essential. Kids still in Tortola sailing school all the way up to retirees are learning the sailing techniques and skills requires, adding a great asset to their own skills register. Sailing requires numerous skills to learn which includes team work, learning to gain yours and the vessels balance, hoisting […]