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How to Future Models of Apple Watch May Come With a Touch ID Sensor Beneath the Digital Crown

  • A new report claims that Apple is working to build a Touch ID sensor into the digital crown.
  • This feature may prove to be challenging given the small form factor of the Apple Watch.
  • One likely scenario where this could come in handy is with payment authentication and in-app purchases on the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch is one of the most successful smartwatches in the world and has led other manufacturers into the fray while leaving behind several others who had smartwatches way before Apple. While the most recent update of the Apple Watch came with an always-on display, a new report from an Israel based site suggests that a future version could add a Touch ID fingerprint sensor under the digital crown for easy authentication.

This appears to be a crucial feature given that Apple Watch apps are now gaining support for in-app purchases. This will allow users to make purchases or save passwords on their Apple Watch and use their fingerprint to authenticate.

While the Touch ID sensor has fallen out of favor with the company’s iPhones, it does make sense for an Apple Watch considering the potential use as an authenticator, particularly for payments. Currently, the Apple Watch lets you use NFC to make payments at most card terminals with a tap, although adding Touch ID to the watch may decrease the need for physical contact with a frequently touched surface, which is the need of the hour right now.

The implementation of this Touch ID sensor is still not confirmed, but it seems like we may see it in the next Apple Watch refresh. But as per news reports from a couple of days ago, Apple may be looking to push back the release of its 2020 iPhones, including the company’s first 5G handset. This makes us slightly pessimistic about seeing a Touch ID toting Apple Watch this year.

Do you think a Touch ID sensor on an iPhone makes sense?

Source: The Verifier

Via: Cult of Mac

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