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How to How to Use Spotify on iPhone | Spotify Guide 2020

Learn to use Spotify on iPhone by reading this post…

Today’s advanced technology changed people’s way of living. And among these incredible changes is the availability to access digital music services on smartphones. One of which is Spotify. 

Spotify is a digital music, podcast, and video streaming service that enables users to access a variety of songs and other contents. Spotify service is offered for free. However, it will only allow users to play music. Thus, you have the option to upgrade to its premium service to take advantage of other content like video streamings.

Highlighted in this post are the basics on how to use Spotify free-premium on your iPhone. Technically, Spotify requires internet connection to be able to use the service. However, users have the option to download their favorite songs and listen to them offline. In this case, we recommend downloading the content over WiFi to avoid cellular data charges.

If you are ready, scroll down and learn how this famous streaming service works on your iPhone device.

How to Use Spotify on iPhone | Spotify Guide 2020

Time Needed : 07 minutes

The steps below will show you how to install Spotify app on your Apple iPhone device, create an account, and use the service. To get this done, you also need to enable your iPhone’s cellular data or connect to a WiFi network. If you’re good to go, let’s get started.

  1. From the Home screen, launch the App Store and search for Spotify app.

    After typing Spotify on the search bar, you can tap search or simply select one from the search results.


  2. Tap the cloud icon or Get to download the app. Once done, tap open to launch Spotify.

    It may take a minute or two for the download to be completed.


  3. After launching Spotify, tap SIGN UP FREE.

    You can also select CONTINUE WITH FACEBOOK if you wish to access Spotify using your Facebook account, or LOG IN if you already have an existing Spotify account.


  4. Enter your email and then tap NEXT. Then, enter your desired password and tap NEXT.

    Note that you can also use the system-generated password if you’d like to, and may choose to Save Password or Not Now.


  5. Enter your date of birth and tap CREATE. Then tap Accept if you agree to Spotify’s Terms and Conditions.

    Spotify requires users to be at least 18 years of age. For 12 or 13 years old, guardian or parent’s consent is a must.
    If you want to check Spotify’s Terms and Conditions, simply tap the option.


  6. Once you are done creating a Spotify account, start using the app by select 3 or more artists of your choice.

    You can type in the name of your favorite artist/s on the search bar or you can also do this at a later time.


  7. To SEARCH for your favorite artists, songs, or podcasts head to Home->Search.

    Then type in whatever content you like to search. You can also scroll down and select from the Genre provided.


  8. To create a PLAYLIST, head to Your Library->CREATE PLAYLIST->name of your playlist->Create.

    Note that you can only create a playlist one at a time.


  9. After creating a playlist, you can start adding songs. Hit ADD SONGS and then tap the + sign next to your desired song/s.

    You can also type in the name of the songs you wish to add on the search bar.


  10. To DELETE song/s from a playlist, go to Your Library->Playlists.

    Select the playlist to where the song/s you wish to remove is/are listed.


  11. To manage the NOTIFICATIONS you want to receive from Spotify, head to Settings->Notifications.

    In this section, you can opt to receive push or email notifications for recommended music, new music, play list updates, Spotify updates, and more. Simply toggle the switch to enable or disable the notifications.


  12. To EDIT your profile, head to Settings->Profile name->EDIT PROFILE.

    From there, you can change your profile picture, your name. Once done, tap Save.


  13. To PLAY, PAUSE, SHARE or DOWNLOAD a song that isn’t part of a playlist, tap Search->song title->tap the arrow icon.

    From there, you can play the song, pause, download, and/or share the selected song.


There are just the few of the many things you can do on your Spotify account.

To improve your Spotify music streaming experience, you can customize the audo quality of your free streaming play songs of up to 160kbit/s. For more advanced playback quality, you can upgrade to Spotify’s available premiums and have a higher audio quality at 320kbit/s.

Though Spotify is a music streaming service, its functions are not only limited to streaming music but also gives you the option to find friends on Spotify. All you need to do is to go to the Search menu, enter your friend’s name and go to See all profiles to see the list of search results. Then you can select your friend’s profile and tap Follow to follow them.

Now if you would like to upgrade from a free premium plan to a paid premium, simply go to Premium menu. You can upgrade to Premium individual, Premium Student, Premium Family, or depending on the premium services available in your area.

So that’s it for today’s topic. I hope that we are able to help you one way or another. For more tutorial videos and smartphone troubleshooting guides, please visit our website and follow our YouTube channel. Goodbye!

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