Focus T25 Workout ( Training Videos + PDF )

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The course is divided into 3 stages

Level 1: Alpha5week period: This phase focuses on fat burning mostly will be cardio. If you are tired or need to get in touch Shawn Tee (the coach) says work as you do (Tania) Asian girl who is with the coach is working in a way that is easier not effortless and the people who have roughness in the knee works like Tania

Level 2: Beta 5week period: The cardio will be lowered here and we will focus on the abdomen and in the stage, we need a rope to resist or dumbbell

Level 3: Gamma5week period: It will focus on the muscles of the hands and shoulder … The program at this stage in general 5 days a week, the first 4 days one exercise and the last day of two exercises, 25minutes a day, In 3 more minutes fo stretch your muscles so you  do not feel pain after exercise, On the last day dedicated video Esterch for it

Notes Important This program is very useful but sure will benefit you more only if you workDiet If he needs it, If you were fatDo not drink water during the exercise either after or before
When you feel tired do Tania’s like and try not to stop the exercise
 This program burns fat and builds muscles
 Do not exercise after eating Make it either before or after two hours
 If you go to Gym, it would be best to make the exercise come back from the Gym

Will I do such videos (Alpha:Beta:Gamma) once a week or I will repeat all the videos for a week ? an important question
You will find with each level (Alpha – Beta – Gamma) a Pdf file, Write the table you will be doing, for example, the Alpha level will leave you 5 weeks And you will find it split every day of every week what will A video do and so on after finishing the level of “Alpha” start level after “Beta” and “Gamma” so until the end of the levels

of a single link or parts
The whole course size is 6.94G
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Download from only one server you choose

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