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Shave Back Hair – Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Shave Back Hair – Why?

Many men feel embarrassed about excessive hair on the back and need a convenient method of keeping the back area hair free.

Back hair can also contribute to body odor in addition to risking appearing unattractive to their partner and feeling awkward. Thus, men’s body hair removal is necessary.

Other methods of hair removal have drawbacks. Hence, many men prefer to shave back hair as it is economical.

What is the best way to shave back hair?

Many use a wet razor after applying generous amounts of shaving cream or foam to the back. A device even came on the market with a special handle that allowed the user to insert a wet razor and then angle it to reach difficult parts.

However, wet shaving the back can be hazardous. The main concern is ingrown hair apart from the risk of cuts and nicks.

You take off the rounded tip of the hair when you shave the back. So the hair regrows has a sharp end which rather than straight out through the hair follicle can go through the skin. This can result in painful bumps and acute irritation.

As many users tend to move them in all directions across the skin creating an even greater risk of skin irritation ordinary electric shavers can even make the problem worse.

However, recently making it much safer to shave back hair as well as making the procedure more effective, a device came on the market.

With a different kind of blade the Mangroomer is a battery operated shaver. Without the risk of ingrown hairs traditionally found with straight or foil blades the design allows for a close and smooth shave.

To allow the shaver to reach all areas of the back this device has an extendable handle which can be fixed at certain points.

Previously, to shave back hair men with unwanted back hair had to ask the help of a partner and go to a salon. Now a man can conveniently remove back hair at home by himself using the Mangroomer back hair shaver.

This is not to say the first time to shave back hair you are going to find it easy you use this device. it appears from user feedback you will need to have a few practice sessions. You must also be patient while you gain positions you need to adopt to get all the hair and experience in learning the various angles.

What can be done to minimize skin irritation when you shave back hair?

A Phillips Norelco Body Groomer can prepare the hair and skin for easy shaving so you don’t need to exert too much pressure on the blade which can result in redness and irritation.

Aftershave products that contain Tea Tree Extract also do much to alleviate distressed skin.
To sum up the pros and cons if a man chooses to shave back hair:



Once the user has had some practice using an electric back shaver is easy and convenient to do at home.

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Our patented baKblade blades and Phillips Norelco Body Groomer are specifically designed for Men’s Body Hair Removal by shave back & body hair which in most areas tends to be less coarse than typically found with facial hair. Visit for details.

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