Popcorn Removal: A Task That You Should Leave It To The Professionals

Do you have a popcorn ceiling at home?

Before the 90s, it was a trend to install the popcorn ceilings in homes for around four decades. Then, what happened that it suddenly became an eyesore to the modern homeowners? We can’t single out a particular reason, but some murmurs were there about its uneven and “bizarre” appearance. Well, let’s just leave it down to the history and move on with what we can do to manage the “popcorns” of real life.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has clearly represented the facts and risks associated with Asbestos and why it’s removal is important for human health. Certainly, if you are aware that the ceilings in your home have Asbestos in them, you should leave the job of Asbestos popcorn removal to the professionals and none else, not even a handyman.

Can’t it be managed as a DIY project?

We get a lot of that. In fact, some of the sites have been instrumental in helping homeowners with the do-it-yourself projects through regular communication via chats, messengers, and so on. But, we would like to mention that these sites have been responsible enough in advising the readers against these projects, especially considering the hazards associated with them. Obviously, the asbestos and painted ceiling pose a great risk to the people living in the home.

What should be my first step towards popcorn removal?

You know the best way to start is by sending a scrape sample of your ceiling to the testing labs. Yes, you can do so by wetting a small portion of the popcorn ceiling and scrape off a teaspoonful for the sample. Make use of right tools and mask yourself to prevent any scrape getting into your lungs through inhalation.

The testing lab/service would tell you the percentage of Asbestos in the sample. You can refer to the directory at the EPA’s website and find it easily. If it’s more than 1%, you shouldn’t even indulge in a DIY project. What triggers next is a call to a professional company or leave the ceiling as it is.
The Professionals Job

Why have we reiterated the need to call a Pro?

The task is humongous and carries a risk to your health. Moreover, you may not equip with the right skills and patience to do the required job in hand. On the other side, the professionals, who are adept with various conditions due to their mammoth experience in the area can analyze the situation and do the needful. They are equipped with appropriate tools, equipment, and other supplies for the job.

You can ask for a popcorn removal, knockdown texture, paint or more works altogether. The company would cater to your requests at a reasonable price. However, if you resort to doing it on your own, the health risks, cost risks, and an unprecedented trouble is waiting for you. Needless to say, you don’t want that at all.

Browse online sites to find contact details of professional popcorn removal companies. Request free estimates and compare.

About The Author:-

Jacob Ethan has written several articles about home renovation and improvements. He emphasizes why it’s important to call the professionals for Asbestos popcorn removal jobs. The task of popcorn removal from the ceiling is itself strenuous and carries some risks. The professional companies, he says, will offer a variety of services including knockdown texture, drywall repair, and more.

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