How to use Sheen Striping Painting Technique to make your Home Shine?

Are you tired of the boring single-toned walls of your home? Wallpapers arean option to cheer up the ambience. But, they are not the only way to decorate your home. Explore the world of attractive painting techniques. Among many techniques thatadd depth to the walls, sheen striping is highly popular.

The Reason behind the Popularity of Sheen Striping

Distressed look is trendy, but it is popular for furniture, doors and windows.And, the sponging technique makes any DIY project easy. But, when you are looking for classy, sophisticated results, the sheen striping technique wins the race. The possibilities of adding a personal touch are enormous. There is no rule for deciding the colors and sheen. You can decide on the size of the stripes on your own.

The technique allows you to customize the painting project according to your style. If you do not want the trouble of buying matte and high gloss sheen of the same color, there is an option with you. You can add translucent glaze liquid to the matte paint and make it glossy for creating the stripes.

You can use the technique of sheen striping in any part of your home. So, do not worry if you want to give the bathroom walls a unique look with the technique. It will not look out of place. The high gloss stripes are ideal for areas susceptible to humidity, mold and mildew. The technique will add drama to the bathing area and allow you to experiment.

Sheen Striping adds Character to the Walls

Sheen striping andshadow stripesare different names of the same painting technique. It involves adding stripes of high gloss paint sheen on a flat base coat. The technique creates a whole new look and gives you a welcome break from the ordinary wallpapers.

• Find the Answers!

Before starting a painting project, you must visualize the outcome. Think of different color combinations and choose one that suits the room and creates the desired ambience for you. So, ask yourself a couple of questions and seek direction beforehand.

Do you like the stripes in the same color but with different sheen? Will you be comfortable with different colored stripes? If you are painting a formal dining room, same color stripes will help you to create a sophisticated, formal look. On the other hand, if you are painting a children’s play area or a kids’ bedroom, you can think of a multiples colors and brighten up the room.

• Paint it as You like it

It is your home and you can make it as unique as possible. So, let your imagination run free. You can consider sheen striping a single wall or the entire room. If you think that vertical stripes will make the ceiling look exceptionally higher, you can draw horizontal stripes and create a balanced look. Diagonal stripes and chevron print can also give character to a room and separate it from the usual vertical design.

Many homeowners want to break the monotony of stripes. If you want abstract designs or floral patterns on the wall, you can use the sheen striping technique. Simply, draw the pattern once the matte coat dries completely. Use same colored pencil so that you do not need to cover the pencil marks later. Remember that painting floral patterns are a tricky task because you cannot use painter’s tape to mark the area.

High gloss sheen allows you to stay away from boring flat walls. But, painting the entire wall with it is not a popular option because it can highlight the imperfections and flaws. The sheen striping technique combines the best of both the worlds and provides you with a balanced combination of flat finish and the glossy sheen. So, next time you want to add depth and dimension to a room, give a thought to the sheen striping painting technique and make your home beautiful.

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