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How to How to Navigate, Add and Delete Galaxy S20 Home screens

Here’s an easy walk-through for you to easily navigate, add and delete Galaxy S20 Home screens. The Home screen houses shortcut icons of apps and system services found on your phone. The default Home screen layout of your Galaxy S20 is comprised of the Home and Apps screens. You can change this layout to Home screen only and display all apps on the Home screen. You can also add another Home screen to house relevant […]

How to Galaxy A20 Mobile Data Not Working. Here’s The Fix!

Fixing a mobile data that is not working on Galaxy A20 shouldn’t be that stiff especially if its main cause is software related. If you’re among the users who are struggling to fix mobile data problem on Samsung A20 devices, below are a handful of tips that can help you resolve such issue. Read on. When it comes to accessing the internet from our smartphones, most users prefer to utilize WiFi over mobile data. Hence, […]

How to How to Change Galaxy S20 App Permissions

This post will walk you through modifying app permissions on a Samsung Galaxy S20 handset. Feel free to refer to this simple tutorial to change Galaxy S20 app permissions when needed. To ensure privacy and security to end-users, modern smartphones including the new Samsung Galaxy S20 offer tons of new features that serve such purpose. Among these significant features is the permission system, called Permission manager. With this system, you can set which apps to […]

How to How to pair Bluetooth Devices with Galaxy S20

This post will help you pair Bluetooth devices with Galaxy S20. Read on to view a step-by-step tutorial. With Bluetooth, you can share various contents and functionalities between smartphones and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. For as long as Bluetooth is enabled and both devices are within range and compatible, pairing should be easy as pie. Nonetheless, this may not always be the case given that not all users are familiar with the pairing interface. In this […]

How to How To Factory Reset An iPhone

You may have to factory reset an iPhone if it’s no longer working properly, or has some unknown issues with its firmware. It will bring the device back to its factory default settings so that you can set it up as a new device again. A factory reset has always been the most effective solution to any kinds of problem you may encounter, as long as it’s not with the hardware. Needless to say, if […]

How to How to Use Galaxy S20 Power Saving Mode

This tutorial is aimed at helping new Android phone users in extending the battery life by enabling power-saving mode. The steps provided in this guide, particularly apply to the Galaxy S20 and other Samsung devices running on the Android 10 or One UI 2.0 platform. Read on to learn more. Power-saving mode usually comes in handy whenever your phone’s battery reaches the critical level and yet you still need to use it a little longer. […]

How to How To Change Galaxy S20 Wallpaper and Theme

Need help changing the wallpaper and theme on your new Samsung Galaxy smartphone? This tutorial demonstrates a simple way to change Galaxy S20 wallpaper and theme. Feel free to refer to this walkthrough, when needed. One of the common things most people do upon acquiring a new smartphone is to change the default wallpaper and theme according to their own preferences. While this may be a no-brainer to many, some might still need a little […]

How to How To Reset iPhone Settings + Some FAQs

There are times when some settings might cause issues to your phone’s normal operation, and more often than not, it’s difficult to determine what those settings are. That’s why it’s important to know how to reset iPhone settings for this purpose. This method is also effective in addressing some software-related issues as it brings your iPhone back to its factory default settings. In other words, if you did this, it’s just like you did the […]

How to How To Soft Reset and Force Restart Galaxy S20

This quick guide is primarily aimed at helping new Android phone owners restart a Galaxy S20 handset. Feel free to make this a reference whenever you need further support on how to carry out a soft reset and force restart on Galaxy S20. Performing a force restart is usually needed whenever a smartphone becomes unresponsive. As the name implies, it forcibly ends stuck apps and system services, allowing the operating system to shut down and […]

How to How To Use Find My iPhone From A Computer [Help Guide]

Find My iPhone is an app and service owned by Apple Inc. designed to track the approximate location of your iOS device. Its main goal is to help users locate and protect the device whenever it’s lost or stolen. The app is a cloud-based service and you can access it on your browser. In this article, we will tackle how this app works and how to use it from a computer.  Things to Remember about […]

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