How to How to Automatically Record Meeting on Zoom for iOS

If you want to keep the file of your meetings or video conference on Zoom, learn how to automatically record meeting while using Zoom on your iPhone. Just read further and find out more information.  As an app being used for web-based video conferencing tool, Zoom has gained its popularity towards business owners and other establishments. It allows its users to have a good quality video and audio call conference, together with a unique feature […]

How to How to Use Zoom Video Conferencing on iPhone

Did you just recently sign up for a Zoom account and is still learning the basics? Learn how to use Zoom video conferencing on your iPhone by reading this article. Find out more details as you read further.  In times where business halted and everyone was advised to stay at home, a lot of jobs have been affected. But some business keeps going and jobs have continued through a system called work from home. Business […]

How to How to Show Full Website URL in iPhone Safari

In this post, you’ll learn how to show full website URL while using your iPhone’s Safari browser. Read further and find out how it is done.  Most of us are not aware that the phone’s browser is only showing partial of the website’s address or URLs. This URL is a reference to a web source that tells its location on the computer. This is also known as Uniform Resource Locator or simply as a web […]

How to What To Do If Your iPad Started Running Slow After the iOS 13.4 Update

Shortly after the recent iOS 13.4 update, some iPad started running slow as reported by some users. Most of the time, performance issues are with the firmware, especially if they occurred after an update. Needless to say, you can make your device run smoothly again by doing a couple of troubleshooting procedures.  In this post, I will guide you on how to fix your iPad that started running slowly after the most recent update. We […]

How to How to Schedule a Zoom Meeting on iPhone | Guide 2020

Zoom is a useful tool for workers and students to communicate, work or study remotely. Starting a meeting session in this app is indeed uncomplicated. Thus, it is also easy to schedule a Zoom meeting on your iPhone in advance; which is relevant in organizing your work or activity calendar. If you have already downloaded and installed this app on your iPhone device, but don’t know yet on how to schedule a personal or group […]

How to How To Fix The iPad Ghost Touch Issue After iOS 13.4

Some of our readers have to deal with the iPad ghost touch issue that reportedly started after the iOS 13.4.1 update. The thing about this problem is that it can be a sign of a serious issue with your device affecting the hardware but it can also be just a sign of a pretty minor problem with the firmware.  In this post, I will guide you in doing a couple of procedures you can use […]

How to iPhone XR Stuck On Black Screen After iOS 13.4

Some owners reported about their iPhone XR stuck on black screen shortly after they updated them to iOS 13.4.1. There are those who said that the phone just powered down on its own and would no longer turn on, while others reported to have discovered their devices in the morning after charging overnight.  In most cases, this kind of issue is a pretty minor one. You may even be able to fix it by doing […]

How to iPhone XR Keeps Freezing After iOS 13.4 Update

When a high end device like the iPhone XR keeps freezing after the most recent iOS 13.4.1 update, then the problem can be pretty minor. In fact, most performance issues aren’t really that serious, although they may be very annoying as they affect how you use your device if they occur.  In this post, I will guide you on how to fix your iPhone XR that keeps freezing. We will look into the possibilities and […]

How to How to Reset Netflix App on iPhone

Have you ever wondered why an app slows down or experiences an issue over time? Do you know how to reset Netflix app on your iPhone? Let’s find out what are the benefits of this process and how to do it properly as you read further.  A variety of issues can be experienced as you use an app, like Netflix, for an extended period. This could happen due to accumulated files called cache that may […]

How to How to Set Caller ID Number on Skype for iPhone

Enabling caller ID on your calls can be very helpful in determining whether you’ll answer it or not. It allows you to know who is calling before lifting up your phone. In this post, you’ll learn how to set caller ID number on Skype for your iPhone.  If you want your friends, family and business contacts on Skype to know that it is you who is calling or sending them messages, activating caller identification should […]

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