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How to How To Preserve Apple iPhone 6s Battery Life With Low Power Saving Mode

In this content, we highlight some of the widely used methods that would help preserve battery life on your Apple iPhone 6s (#Apple #iPhone6s) device. Read on to learn more battery saving tips you can use to extend and enhance your phone’s battery and make the most of the newly added features entrenched into this device. One of the key factors smartphone users would look into before procuring any new devices available is the battery […]

How to 5 Best Wireless Chargers For iPhone 11 Pro

Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro is a relatively large phone, and so, it comes with a pretty big battery. You can charge it up pretty fast with a Lightning cable, but if you’re truly looking at going wireless, you can pick up a wireless charger for this one as well. With Qi wireless charging built into the smartphone, you’ll be able to charge up your iPhone 11 Pro relatively quickly. * If you buy through links […]

How to How to View, Save, and Scan TikTok Code on iPhone

Sharing your social media accounts to others these days have been made easy by technology, like scanning a code. Gone are those days that you’ll need to align your phones to get an infrared connection. Find out how  you can view, save, and scan TikTok code using your iPhone by reading this whole article.  QR or Quick Response code is a type of matrix barcode or two-dimensional barcode trademarked by some apps like TikTok. This […]

How to How to Change TikTok App Language on iPhone | 2020 Guide

When you install the TikTok app on your iPhone device, it automatically obtains your device default language. But sometimes, the language it picked up isn’t the one you understand or you wish the app to display. Fortunately, you can change TikTok app language on your iPhone anytime you want. This platform is known for sharing user-generated videos and is undoubtedly one of the most commonly used apps across the globe. And in an effort to […]

How to How to Change your TikTok Profile Photo in iPhone

You can change your TikTok profile photo in iPhone straight from the app through the “Me” tab. This may sound easy, but for some who just have this app installed on their smartphones might have some trouble doing the update. If you need help in changing your TikTok avatar, read this post and learn how it is done. TikTok allows every user to customize their profile by adding a profile photo, profile video, a display […]

How to How to Change your TikTok Profile Video in iPhone

New features are being innovated by app developers to entice more people to download and use their app. This is also a good way to keep the existing users from using the app and retain them. Learn how you can change your TikTok profile video by using your iPhone as you read further on this article.  Throughout the years, apps have been evolving as they manage to provide more entertaining features to their users. If […]

How to 7 Best Digital Notepads in 2020

We live in a digital age, and writing notes on paper doesn’t feel right anymore. Fortunately, there are more convenient and more eco-friendly alternatives. Digital notepads are lightweight, portable devices that mimic the feel of pen and paper and have many clever features that make jotting down notes and drawing silly pictures more fun. Not sure which one’s are the Best Digital Notepads? Here are seven of our favorites. Best Digital Notepads 1. Huion H420 […]

How to 9 Best SIM Card for Europe International Travels in 2020

International travelers often have to choose between the attractive prices of local SIM cards and the convenience of international roaming. But there’s also a third option: international European SIM cards. * If you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. For more details, please visit our Privacy policy page. Since the EU’s “roam like at home” rule, which prohibits providers from charging roaming fees, went into effect, the providers of […]

Insanity Workout – Insanity Max 30 Workout Full Video

The creator of the total-body Insanity workout is back to whip you into shape with his new program, Insanity MAX:30 Cardio Challenge – 30 minutes of the hardest cardio sequences you’ve ever tried. Welcome to INSANITY MAX:30. Tabata Power – Your strength training starts here with traditional Tabata-style “20 seconds on, 10 seconds off” workout structure. Your muscles will beg for mercy. Sweat Intervals – Just in case you didn’t think Cardio Challenge was hard […]

How to How to Improve Spotify Music Quality on iPhone

Music entertainment has evolved to a whole new level by the surge of different apps over the Internet. Most of these apps are free to use, with a possible charge only if you’ll upgrade to a pro version and one of the most popular music apps that are being used by most people is Spotify. If you’re one of those music enthusiasts, learn how you can improve Spotify music quality on your iPhone as you […]

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