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How to How to Change and Manage Security and Login Information on iOS Facebook App 2020

Security is one of the utmost important things in the internet world these days. Different precautionary measures are applied to ensure that personal information is safe while being used over the Internet, especially on social media sites like Facebook. Let us find out how  you can change and manage security and login information on your Facebook app using your iPhone.  If you’ve been using Facebook for quite some time already, you might have used different […]

How to How to access and manage Facebook Face Recognition Settings on iPhone 2020

Enhanced security measures are now being introduced to different social media platforms like Facebook. This is to ensure that accounts are protected from any suspicious activity and unauthorized access of your information such as photos and videos. In this post, learn how to access and manage Facebook face recognition settings using your iPhone.  Face recognition is a feature on Facebook that allows you to get notifications when you’re in a photo or video but you’re […]

How to How to Manage Game and App Notifications on iOS Facebook App 2020

Managing Facebook notifications isn’t that hard, unless you are new to this app. But you need not to worry as this post will help you manage game and app notifications on your iOS Facebook app. Read further. Facebook is not only limited to finding people and connecting with friends, but also offers leisure and fun. As the app evolved, it now let users play online games and take advantage of third-party apps available on Facebook […]

How to How to manage your Facebook information on iOS

Personal information security is a must for everyone and should be their main priority. When using social media sites like Facebook, you’re actually prone to identity theft as information such as email address or birthdate can be open for public viewing. In this post, learn how to manage your Facebook information and control who sees it by reading further.  Social media platforms including Facebook allows you to meet different people from different places. While it […]

How to How to Use Facebook on iPhone | Facebook Guide 2020

Facebook is a  social networking app that enables users to connect with family and friends online or even people they don’t know. Users can share photos, videos, music, and other content on their timeline. With this app, you will be able to stay connected with your friends, discover the world, and convey or express anything that matters to you. Facebook has evolved since it was created way back 2004. And if you are among those […]

How to How to Change your Facebook Account Name and Username on iPhone 2020

Having an option to customize your information, especially on social media sites like Facebook is a great option. That means you can have a control on the details that you want the public to see. In this post, learn how to change your Facebook account name and username using your iPhone.  Changing account name or username might be an essential option for some Facebook users. Having this feature on social media platforms like Facebook allows […]

How to How to Edit Apps Preferences on iOS | Facebook App 2020

Edit apps preferences for the Facebook app on your iOS devices using the steps we have listed below. Facebook apps like games, quizzes you took from your news feed, and music apps are indeed fun and helpful. These are some of the great features Facebook offers to its users. These apps may not cost you any amount, but they cost your information. Most often, these apps asked you a variety of personal information when you […]

How to How to Remove Apps and Websites on iOS Facebook App 2020

Getting tired of receiving updates from third-party apps you recently used or followed on Facebook? Worry no more as we will walk you through on how to remove apps and websites on your iOS Facebook app. Facebook — known as a famous social networking service has offered a variety of exciting features that users surely enjoyed. Apps, games, and websites are among them. However, these apps may be consuming much data on Facebook. Aside from […]

How to How to Check and Manage Facebook Ad Preferences on iPhone 2020

Check and manage Facebook ad preferences on your iPhone device the easy way. Read further to learn. Social networking advertising is a form of online advertising that focuses on social networking services like Facebook. We have known for a fact that Facebook is among the famous social media platforms of today’s generation and there is no doubt that millions of ads are being posted on this social network by various advertisers. Thus, Facebook decides which […]

How to How to View and Manage Facebook Language Settings on iPhone 2020

Learn how to view and manage Facebook language settings on your Apple iPhone device using the steps we have highlighted below. Facebook is a famous social networking app with over 2 billion mobile active users worldwide. When the app was introduced way back 2004, it has been everyone’s favorite online hangout. As it users from different countries started to pile up swiftly, the app was made available in more than 100 languages. Thus, this social […]

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