How to How to Join a Public Channel on Zoom for iOS | Guide 2020

Learn to join a public channel on Zoom in your Apple iPhone device the easy way. Read this post to know how. Zoom channels enable users to communicate to a group through private or public chat. These channels can be composed of one or multiple members in which you will be able to exchange messages, files, and other content. You also have the option to initiate a video call to a member or the entire […]

How to What To Do If The Microphone Won’t Work On Zoom

This post will guide you on what you should do if the microphone won’t work on Zoom during video conferences. Many Android owners have been complaining about this problem but it seems like it’s not really that serious as some of them were able to fix it.  The result of this issue is that users on the other end won’t be able to hear you because the microphone cannot capture your voice. This can be […]

How to Skype Crashes During Video Calls On iPhone

Some users reported because Skype crashes during video calls on their iPhones. There were those who said the app was working properly and then the problem started without apparent reason.  So in this post, we will tackle this problem and help the users who are bugged by it. Based on our experience, this issue cannot be serious. In fact, it might even be just a minor problem with the app or even the firmware. Both […]

How to Skype Camera Not Working On iPhone During Video Meetings

We have received reports about the Skype camera not working on iPhone during video meetings.  Most of the time, the problem is just minor and you may be able to fix it by doing one or a couple of procedures.  But the resolution might depend on how the problem occurred. If it started due to a physical damage, then only a technician that can open the device has a potential to fix it. However, if […]

How to How to Fix Skype That Keeps Crashing After iOS 13.5 update

If you’re experiencing an issue on Skype that keeps crashing after installing iOS 13.5 update, find out some simple fix on this post. Read further and get more information about the issue.  Software updates are meant to improve the performance of your device by fixing bugs and system enhancements. But this is not always the case as there are software errors that could affect the phone’s system after installing these updates. That could be the […]

How to iPhone 11 Powered Down And Won’t Turn On After iOS 13.5

Shortly after the roll out of the iOS 13.5, some owners of the iPhone 11 reported that their devices powered down and won’t turn on or respond. It is possible that the problem is with the firmware only. In fact, that’s often the case especially if the issue occurred without apparent reason or cause.  In this post, I will share with you the most effective solution to this problem. You may only need to do […]

How to iPhone 11 Started To Have Ghost Touch After iOS 13.5

Some owners reported that their iPhone 11 started to have ghost touch after the iOS 13.5 update. There are users who said their problem is that when the screen is unlocked, it will move or its own as if someone is touching it. There are also owners who complained that the ghost touch randomly launches an app, which is apparently annoying.  Most of the time, this problem isn’t serious provided that the device does not […]

How to How to Fix Zoom that Keeps Crashing After iOS 13.5 Update

In this post, we will show you how to fix Zoom that keeps crashing after an iOS update. Read on… Apple’s latest iOS 13.5 provides excellent fix patches and outstanding feature enhancements. One of which is a feature that enables user to unlock iOS devices even when wearing a face mask. While Apple aimed to offer their best service to provide customer satisfaction thru releasing iOS updates, each update has always its own downsides. Software […]

How to How to Share Screen When Meeting on Zoom for iOS

Recording your conversation on Zoom can be beneficial for future references. In this post, learn how to share screen when meeting on Zoom with your iPhone. Read further to get more information about the process.  Screen share feature on Zoom allows the host and attendee to share screen by just a click of a button. You can do this on your desktop, tablet and mobile devices with Zoom installed. If you’re the host of the […]

How to How to Send a Meeting Invitation on Zoom for iOS

Have you migrated from Skype and explored other video calling apps like Zoom? Are you new to Zoom and would like to know how to send a meeting invitation? Learn this and more by reading the contents of this article.  Zoom is now being used by many people and some prefer to use this web-based video conferencing tool over Skype. A lot of good benefits are catered by Zoom like larger number of participants, special […]

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