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How to How to change the name of your iPhone 11

We all have our own personal reasons why we need to change the name of our iPhone 11. But the most common reason is, of course, of identification; when you connect it with your Bluetooth device or computer, you would be able to tell easily which device is your iPhone 11. So in this tutorial, I will be showing you how to change the name of your iPhone into something can easily identify.  If you’d […]

How to Using DFU (Device Firmware Update) mode restore on iPhone 11 [Tutorial]

DFU mode restore is deemed to be the last option in restoring a faulty iPhone back to factory settings. iOS devices are indeed among the existing stable smartphones, but it is still important to know about how DFU mode works and how it is carried out. Because no matter how stable iOS devices can be, these phones are still vulnerable to system glitches and iOS bugs. Thus, knowing about the DFU restoration process is a […]

How to How to fix iPhone X that cannot make phone calls after iOS 13.2.3

After the successive iOS updates, Apple still fails to provide bug-free system. In fact, with iOS 13.2.3, many users are very much disappointed because of the new post-update errors the latest iOS very has brought them. A lot of users reported that they cannot make phone calls from their iPhone after the new system implementation. In line with this, we have mapped out potential solutions that can fix the outgoing calls issue on iPhone X […]

How to How to fix No Service error after iOS 13.2.3 on iPhone X

When your phone prompts a no service error, you can no longer make and receive calls. Text features as well as cellular data service will become idle too. One of the possible reasons as to why the problem becomes apparent could be network-related errors. But the problem might also emerged due to iOS bugs that negatively influenced your phone’s system. In line with that, we have mapped out attainable solutions that end-users can utilize to […]

How to My iPhone keeps restarting after iOS 13.2.3 update, is it a hardware issue?

When a high-end smartphone like an iPhone keeps restarting after an update, it’s more likely just a firmware-related issue than a hardware, provided that your device does not have any signs of physical or liquid damage, or it hasn’t been dropped after an update. If ever there are signs of physical damage, then it could be a hardware issue and there’s only so much you can do about it if that’s the case. On the […]

How to What to do if Face ID is not working on iPhone X after iOS 13.2.3

Your iPhone comes packed with core applications and features. These the ones that are embedded in the firmware and should work without a hitch as long as the firmware is not modified in any way. However, some owners have reported that Face ID is not working on their iPhones. The problem reportedly started after installing the iOS 13.2.3 update. Such problem might be due to a minor software-related issue or a serious firmware problem. What […]

How to iPhone 11 stuck on ‘Resume Download’ while updating to iOS 13.2.3

When the internet connection is interrupted while your iPhone 11 is trying to download the iOS 13.2.3, or any iOS version for that matter, the downloading process will automatically be halted or paused. The same thing happens if the phone has encountered some issues during the download. Needless to say, when the iPhone is stuck on ‘Resume Download,’ they problem can either be due to a connection issue or a problem with the firmware.  In […]

Comment Avoir Insanity Deluxe EDITION GRATUITEMENT ?

Insanity, plus qu’un entrainement, un défi personnel! Le programme, créé par le réputé spécialiste de la condition physique Shaun T, est jugé par plusieurs personnes œuvrant dans le milieu de l’entrainement, comme étant l’un des programmes d’entrainement sur DVD les plus intense et exigeant jamais conçu. Autant la philosophie du concept d’entrainement de P90X (autre programme populaire Beachbody) est axé sur l’entrainement par résistance et la confusion musculaire, Insanity se veut quant à lui le summum de […]

How to iPhone notifications not working after iOS 13.2.3. Here’s the fix.

By default, notifications are set to work properly on your iPhone regardless of the iOS version it’s running. However, it seems like some owners have started to encounter problems with iPhone notifications. Some said that when new messages or calls are received, notifications no longer sound off. They said that the problem started after they’ve updated their iPhones to iOS 13.2.3. The most recent update is actually stable. So if your iPhone notifications aren’t working […]

How to Face ID not working on iPhone after iOS 13.2.3 | Fix Face ID Issue

It seems like some iPhone owners have recently encountered a Face ID issue wherein they could no longer unlock their devices just by looking at it. Apple did a good job in making such feature work flawlessly and the problems that some owners may have encountered after the iOS 13.2.3 update may be isolated issues only. Most of the time, this is just a pretty minor problem that you may be able to fix just […]

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